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1:16 RC Tank ZTZ 99 MBT (Airsoft + smoke + sound)

1:16 RC Tank ZTZ 99 MBT (Airsoft + smoke + sound). Shoot, sounds effects and smoke. Canyon rises and falls. Includes commander figure and accessories.

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1:16 RC Tank ZTZ 99 MBT (Airsoft + smoke + sound)


The Type 99, also known as ZTZ-99 and WZ-123, developed from the Type 98G (in turn, a development of the Type 98), is a third generation main battle tank (MBT) fielded by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It is made to compete with other modern tanks. It is currently the most advanced MBT fielded by China. The ZTZ-99 MBT is a successor to the Type 98G tank manufactured for the People's Liberation Army (PLA).


Product details:

Size (LxWxH) : 72 cm x 24 cm x 21 cm

Forward, reverse, left and right real-life movement.

Rotational turret.

Adjustable angle of cannon.

Smoke and sounds effects.

Recoiling action and firing sound when shooting

Rubber caterpillar treads tackle rugged terrain and inclines.

Two stick transmitter with microprocessor controls for forward and backward speeds, tank turns, turret turns.

AIRSOFT, which provides a sense of real ammunition by firing 6mm sheepshead minnows. Accompanied by sound and backspin with a firing range of up to 25m.



1:16 RC Tank ZTZ 99 MBT (Airsoft + smoke + sound)


Battery and charger

Special oil for the smoke

Soldier and accesories.

6mm. Balls.



8 x batteries "AA" for the transmitter.

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