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  • Beginners & FPV Sets

    The smaller brothers of the radiocontrolled trainer models. At first glance, and seen from far away theres no distinguishing, but they are made from Elapor, a lightweight material. Come out and fly with one of these gems and bring a small tube of glue, and you are prepared in case of a bad landing.

  • Trainers & Scale

    This type of planes are fabricated so the flying will be as smooth as possible, with great aptitude to plan beacuse of its longer, wider wings on top of the plane. Alos, they tend to have dihedral ("V"-shaped) wings, making them very stable in the air.

  • Sport, Aerobatic & 3D.

    Generally there are monoplanes of biplanes, they are characterized of their quick response from the radiocontrol, and they are able to fly at higher speeds. They are accurate and able to make any type of maneuver. Inside this category there are also 3D models.

  • Warbirds

    Scale models and replicas of mythical aircraft models, that are able to transmit the sensations of actually flying a plane with these characteristics.

  • EDF Jets

    ELECTRIC TURBINE JETS Like the manned jet aircrafts, the turbine motor has the same function, even generating a sound very similar to their real-life counterparts. They generate high power, turning an airplane to a real rocket reaching speeds up to 400 km/h.

  • Gliders

    These models are characterized by increased wing area.beacuse they rely exclusively on the wings for their support. Their elevation are acheived by rising thermal currents. Like the rest of these models, they can have a motor just for take-off, or they can be completely free-flying.

  • FPV Planes

    First person view flying has grown in popularity as has the technology which makes this form of flying safe and affordable. Our FPV models have been designed specifically to allow you to add any FPV and camera system, easily. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the Sky Surfer 1400mm.

  • Glow & Gas RC Aircrafts
  • Aviones Hacker Model
  • Free Flight Aircrafts

    Free flight (F/F): model aircrafts fly without external control from the ground. This type of model pre-dates manned flight.

Electric rc airplanes for insiders and experts

Electric rc airplanes, as all the radio control aircraft, pilot through a station that controls a series of servos via a receiverinside the aircraft, making through a mechanism of rods, move the different control surfaces: ailerons, rudder, depth, etc. Inthis way, your flight is controlled.

In electric radio control jets in particular, unlike the propelled by combustion in which other servo controls the throttle, theelectric motor makes use of dimmer switch (ESC) giving more or less speed to the engine.

There are several categories of electric rc airplanes

At RCTecnic we have more than 100 models of electric radio control airplanes, divided into different categories: rc planes ofinitiation, trainers aircraft, aerobatic rc planes, rc warbirds, gliders, jets and FPV aircraft. In this way we provide buy onlineaircraft to electric radio control that best fits your needs, whether you are an expert pilot as if you are looking for your firstrc airplane to learn how to fly easier and faster. In addition you will receive the best advice any doubts you may have.

We have rc electric airplanes made of different materials:

Aircraft radio control of EPO.

It is electric radio controlled aircraft built in a lightweight foam that offers high resistance to impacts, being very difficult tobreak. The biggest advantage of these rc airplanes is easy to repair: a bit of glue and in 5 minutes to fly again. Electric radio control airplanes built in EPO, or similar materials such as EPP, you can buy them online at RCTecnic in three differentversions:

KIT: The box only includes airplane rc with hardware and accessories so you assists it to your liking.
PNP: Includes the rc airplane brushless motor, controller (ESC), servos and propeller. Usually everything installed. Installbattery and receiver, take your radio station and ready to fly!
RTF: Aircraft ready to fly rc. Includes everything you need to fly radio control: motor, ESC, servos, battery, charger and radio.It is the ideal version for beginners who are looking for your first rc airplane.
Balsa wood rc airplanes.

It is the most classical construction on to radio control RC airplanes. All come in ARF version, which means that they arealmost mounted. Only there to motorize and install the radio when it comes to assembling the aircraft. All the rc planes ofwood you'll find at RCTecnic include hardware and accessories such as benches, landing gears and wheels, screws, rods,etc. They will require engine and radio control on whose election we can advise you.